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Reflections on 2023

Updated: Jan 25

Hello there! What a truly special year it has been. Writing this blog has now become a small tradition that I look forward to each year and a fine reminder of what all was accomplished and grown in a year and over time. 

This reflection comes with some uniqueness because back in November, I accidently deleted my entire camera folder on my phone and so the organized photo files I had for all the happenings of 2023 vanished. What I am left with (which is still a good chunk) are what I saved onto my computer before the fallout, and what I have sourced from shared files.

2023 was enlivening!

My goal was to build confidence to depart the cocoon and have fun making art. I feel that's exactly what happened! We pursued art hard this year, but it was fun! With 3 art fairs, 2 gallery group shows, teaching art classes and workshops, an art residency in Ohio, commissions, and regular art social gatherings at a friend's house, I felt fully immersed in the work and play of art making.

Jesse has been at the Getty Villa for a few years now and I think he's found his rhythm there. He made friends with a few good people there and take turns buying each other lunch on Thursdays. And Blake's painting company has been booking job after job there, so they are always on the phone together discussing work. Who gets to work together with their childhood buddy? With juggling school and work and most definitely doing the art shows with me, I admire how much he has pursued the hustle, something I just didn't know he cared to do (hehe! You know him too! He wanted to be a beach bum!)

Sincerely Harveys has proven its spot in our lives, finding consistency this year with new clients and referrals from previous couples. We are so grateful to do what we do and definitely could not have done it without the people who believe in us. In the new year, we are looking forward to doing more creative work and even offering larger art amenities for our clients (like venue illustrations as keepsakes anyone)!

We've had the joy of being in the community of Los Angeles. Going to art, music, and dance shows. Hiking, walking, exploring the beautiful and different pockets of LA with friends, and bonding with people from the past and from our present into deeper and meaningful friendships. It made us feel at home.


  • Art residency with Hillary

  • Jesse going to school

  • Meeting nephew Hutson

  • Esther visits for a week and we learn about Squid Facts

  • Going to Korea and Jeju with my parents

  • Overcoming flight anxiety (took 3 roundtrip flights!)

  • Run 5k with friends 

  • Getting rid of all our debt 

The part of this year I most want to remember is our trip to Korea. It was long awaited, a destination Jesse and I had been dreaming of since we got married in 2020, and a little goal of mine to have a family trip (Jason wasn't able to go with us, but we hope we can do another trip with all of us together).

It was so full!

From city hopping, to site seeing, to eating way too much food (like it's a thing...there is not enough table space for the amount of food the restaurant wants to give you. We didn't order a lot, it's just always this way!) to too much time together, to connecting with extended family and emotion heavy visits to gravesites. It was more than we expected and better than we could've planned. Jesse was so enamored with Korea and how it made him feel, that he is currently on his campaign to convince me to move to Korea one day. We visited my grandma who was not doing too well in her old age, and even though it was hard and heartbreaking, I am so glad we were able to see her and that Jesse was there too. She passed away a few days before the end of the year.

There are so many beautiful stories about Korea that I may need to share it in it's own reflection blog, but to sum it up, our favorite thing about our visit was seeing that I was indeed connected to a much bigger foundation, to a family to a community. We were inspired by all the things that were different from what we are used to and the lush and quietness of the smaller towns and rural areas more than the bustling cities.

We're so glad for what happened this year. It was jam packed just the way we like it! But in all the busy-ness we did not forget for the ways you've shown up for us in big and small ways. Thanks for dreaming with us and living it out with us.

We hope you look brightly towards 2024!


Shannon and Jesse Harvey


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