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Sincerely Harveys is a ​design company dedicated to curating beautiful spaces that reflect your unique story through custom and semi-custom paper goods, illustrated signs, and handmade gifts.

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We are creatives and artists, deep thinkers, a surfer, a painter, explorers, "home" makers, both leaders, both followers, ready to go the extra mile, in love, ever more in love, and eager to invite strangers into clients, into friendships, to do life with us!

With a background in fine art, woodworking, the service industry, and graphic design, we are adept at bringing out the beauty of each custom project for each individual. And with a love for the organic world, that we believe has been stewarded to us to celebrate and preserve, we believe you'll be glad to be creating beautiful things together with us.

- Shannon and Jesse Harvey


We'll always choose to do what feels authentic to our beliefs. And every celebration is a unique story waiting to be told by the rhythm and movements of the details that complete the experience.


We approach our work from a craft and fine-art background. Visual language is our strong suit and perfection is what we aim for, but we celebrate every imperfection that makes life truly unique. Our goal is to let your authentic story shine through, because for your special day, it's who you are that matters the most.


But, we are so much more than the work that we do, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, because your support in our work allows us to keep on pursuing our dream job, continue to keep our hands busy with the art we want to make, and live a life more full and with endless gratitude knowing we couldn't have done it without you.

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