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I Always Send People Music (Entry #1)

Hi guys,

Some amount of time ago a friend came to me and said "Hey, you should start a music blog." It struck a chord in my heart, so here we finally are. This blog has taken me a while to start (about five years) because I feel like often times if I don't have any obstacles in front of me, I build some to point at and think that, "Yes, see! It is too difficult and time consuming to accomplish." The idea of being my own greatest enemy at times feels like a truth I'm most familiar with. I like this idea though. I like it because to defeat my enemy I would have to know my enemy, and coming to know myself has been a freeing and beautiful experience. With a beat that feels eager as though it's constantly tumbling forward, Otis Junior and Dr. Dundiff did a wonderful job expressing this in "Me vs. Me" and providing a space to reflect in this relatable struggle.

Sending a song,



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