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Colorado - Boulder and Denver

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Welcomed by a red pickup truck filled with snow in the bed, our cold winter adventure began hopeful; warmed by friendship, the wonder of snow, and a lack of sleep. We came bundled in all the winter gear we owned and carried our one backpack each. The trip now behind us, reminds me of an amazing book that one is fond of and, when done with, rests on the shelf. Our first trip together was so much fun. We experienced a lot together through this trip but I think we realized two main things, or I know I did; that we are a great team (in that we balance each other) and we find so much joy in simply being around each other and doing things together.

Colorado is breweries and sweet fuzzy faces, geese in the snow, a light-up blue star wand at a friend's concert, fresh pita and babaganoush, EDM art, a distant snowy mountain town, a red truck that you ignite with a screwdriver, and a slushy hike that ends with a power bomb.

The following segment are notes, highlights, and places we've visited while out there. Maybe you'd be interested in visiting it yourself. Go forth and explore!

Boulder, Colorado

Kathmandu (1964 28th Street Boulder, CO 80301)

The man behind the counter offered the locals before us a plate of food to go and to have a drink with him as they were leaving. This gesture seemingly made them uncomfortable but we saw it and thought it to be so oddly hospitable and kind. And the buffet style Indian/Nepalese food was so delicious, enticing us back for seconds and dessert.

Gabee Coffee (3040 28th St Boulder, CO 80301)

It's fun to find kinship with other Koreans in unexpected places. The cafe is run by a sweet retired Korean couple. They are great at making lattes and creating a serene environment. We decided we would've gone there every morning if we had stayed longer. Their specialty is an iced latte with a printed design on top of a layer of foam, which is a popular craze in Korea. (see image on right).

Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery

(1535 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302)

Our first meal out with Blake and Taylor. Some of their friends joined us and it turned out to be a great time to catch up since the many years spent apart, and hangout with a delicious brewsk and a burger. The place had an Oakland vibe which made Shannon feel right at home.

Boxcar Coffee

(1825 Pearl St B, Boulder, CO 80302)

We got big city vibes here. Located on a busy street packed with boutiques and restaurants, this coffee shop shared a small storefront with a few different businesses. We ordered our usual coffee drinks and perused the unique chocolates, cheeses, and artisan breads in the other sides of the store.

Chautauqua Park

(Baseline Rd & 9th St, Boulder, CO 80302)

Was a beautiful hike and we got to see Blake and Taylor in their element in a way. The hike was slushy and the view of the Flatirons so majestic. We all just enjoyed being in the snow and hiking through cold weather. Titan came with and that was the business (That's Blake and Taylor's dog).

West Flanders Brewing Co.

(1125 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302)

Seems like there are an endless amount of selections when it comes to breweries in Boulder. It was Superbowl Sunday, so we spent our final meal with Blake and Taylor watching the game. They had barrel aged beers and many other delicious selections.

Nederland, Colorado

Carousel (Carousel of Happiness at 20 Lakeview Dr, Nederland, CO 80466)\

Charming and honestly so much time has gone into building this. The Carousel has a charm and beauty to the craftmanship of each hand carved and hand painted animal, and every mechanical piece that makes it run. This Carousel ranks highest in our carousel list. Please go here if you’re ever around this little mountain town.

Salto Coffee Shop (112 E. 2nd Street, Nederland CO 80466)

This was an a very charming environment. Good selection of We sat for hours and talked and read and really just enjoyed our time together. That has been kind of a theme for our entire relationship, just enjoying being with each other.

Denver, Colorado

Denver International Airport

They really have an eclectic collection of art and sculptures. I'm not sure what it's all about but the Denver Intl. Airport is not shy and definitely plays into their own conspiracy theories. Take a look online if you're curious about the strange things going on at Denver Airport.

Globe Hall


This place was cool, the bbq would have been great if there was not too much hype behind it. It seemed like the meat alone would have been sufficient (based on the hype) but to be honest, it was pretty dry. Next time a sandwich no doubt, and fries? Not sure, but not just the meat, spice it up.

The SHOW! It was amazing. Our friends killed and put on a phenomenal show. Shannon and I got to dance together and just kind of be loose for a while. Danced, watched the band and dancers kill it. Really an all around inspiring show. They were great. Watching this show together with Shannon I think is such a fond memory, that when it comes to mind my heart feels the same it feels when I receive a long hug from her.

Osaka Ramen (2611 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205)

This place was cool, it was hip, seemed in, a poppin spot no doubt. The server knew a ton of random world war 2 trivia which was funny given Jihye and I’s discussion at the moment. And! Where it’s located. LOCATION is the best part of this spot i want to say. Some really amazing street art just up the street and make a left down an alley (I know I know… it’s been beautified though so it seems like that trendy kind of safe where maybe it’s but there’s enough good people around doing the same thing as you that it feels safe) Ramen itself was good for what it was, it seemed more fusion but for what it was, it was great.

Union Station (1701 Wynkoop Denver, CO 80202)

Bus Driver from Los Angeles who moved to Denver 5 years ago.

This place was gorgeous. It seemed to be a hub that was more alive than uniion station in LA. Great food and Coffee and some really fun people watching. It felt filled with energy of excitement and mostly people traveling.

Bus Driver from Los Angeles who moved to Denver 5 years ago

He was cool, a really kind dude that made fun of me and made Shannon feel cool. I hope we run into him again and we hope with all

BirdCall (800 E 26th Ave, Denver, CO 80205)

A local fried chicken joint. This ones was located inside the Whole Foods near the train station. This food was kind of what we needed at the moment. I misread Shannon and gave her the spicey one genuinely thinking she wanted the spicey sandwich and not the mild one. But I learned that I should trust her words more than my gut in these types of situations now.

Street Art on Blake Street

The street art all around the city was far more… say nutritious(?) than what we saw at the First Friday Art Walk. Beautifully done and seemingly city funded at moments and if not city funded it seemed like businesses would hire artist to do a mural on their wall.

First Friday Art Walk

Very inspired by EDM music. It's not an assumption, there was a lot of this kind of music accompanying various venues. I don’t have much to say but it was really nice to spend time together and take in a niche of the art scene in Denver. Seemed very festival(y) and leaning towrds a party scene. We did get there late and the more comprehensive work venues were already closed for the night (probably beause it kind of tured into a party scene and they didn’t want people stumbling into their venue)

Ash'Kara (2005 W 33rd Ave, Denver, CO 80211)

Go here, great service, truly amazing Middle Eastern food and just a nice time all around. It is good to keep in mind the price point is high and the portions on the smaller side but if you're indulging, it's a great choice. We had met up with our friends who were performing that night and it was so nice catching up with them on tour and getting to hear about what was going on with them living the tour life style.


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