January 11, 2020

Chang Residence

Pomona, California


"The Sun sets and the moon comes out.

Dancing in the starlit sky,

An Owl glides silently.

A flash on the Horizon

Looking up

The Moon following with an ever sharpened eye.

In a far distant field,

A Lion 

thubalup thubalup thubalup

In pursuit, focused and confused.

The Horizon and a tear in his eye

The moon follows close by.



Upon night fall

This occurrence happens.

Fiercely running

Quickly gliding

The two on a course

Souls soon colliding.

Then a hit and embrace

An Owl and a Lion

Are face to face.

The Horizon found

Their eyes deep in sight.

Arms folded round, wings holding tight.

Never to let go

Through until dust.

It was the moon

Chasing us."  

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4. Lion blue.png

We're getting 



Poem by Jesse Harvey

Illustrations by Kristen Fantozzi

And you're invited.



Check back later (Mid February) for some awesome photos in our blog section of this website. 

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Just a Crush

In 2017, a cashier at Trader Joe's caught the eye of a customer, when he asked "What do you do? Oh, design? Have you seen Abstract on Netflix?" From then on, the customer knew that this cute "grocery boy" had style AND a creative mind. But little did she know that he also had a crush on her.


How We Met

The year that followed was a lot of quick glances down the aisles and brief conversations at the counter, working up the courage to ask each other out. Shannon had an art show that summer and that gave them both an opportunity to finally connect. Jesse immediately got the day off, when she invited him, a month in advance. 


The Art Show

Finally, the day of the show arrived and Jesse came with an entourage of friends. Shannon's mom took a group photo to which serves as a memory of their first meeting. Jesse was still unsure, but he was confirmed by his friends who told him that "Shannon really likes you" and so a few weeks after (due to an untimely back injury), the two of them met again, this time at a coffee shop and then quickly onto their first date, wedding of Jesse's sister, where Shannon met the welcoming extended family, concert with friends, and first road trip, all within the first month.


Zoo Membership

A symbolic tying of their relationship began in the second month into their relationship, when Shannon and Jesse went to the LA Zoo on a date, and purchased a year pass with both their names on the account. It felt like a leap of faith to commit to the zoo but also commit to each other. But they have since been avidly attending the zoo throughout the year, using it as a time to step away from their surroundings, appreciate and learn about the animal world, and rest, draw, and write.


Adventuring together

The two have maximized their year together, going up to Northern California, every couple months for some R&R, visiting friends, attending an engagement party and wedding, Colorado to visit friends and surprise another friend on their concert tour, and visiting family as well as buying a van in Santa Barbara. In addition, taking advantage of the little beauties in the cities around them has also been an important part of their relationship. Like going to an arcade spontaneously one evening when they had no plans.


Best Picnic Ever

This summer, Jesse invited Shannon to take her time with work and come over for dinner later in the evening. She thought nothing of it, and went about her day. When she arrived, he quickly rushed her to his car, saying, "Do you wanna go eat at the park? Okay, let me get the rotisserie chicken". They often eat a meal at their favorite park, so this part wasn't particularly weird. It was the rush that was out of character and the slight unpreparedness of a single chicken with no utensils. Shannon later found out that there was a whole bag and blanket and ice chest in the back of the van, for this very special picnic. Shannon asked "Hey wait a minute. What' the occasion?", to which Jesse replied, "We haven't been out on a date in a while", which was not true.


Jesse set up the candle lit picnic on their favorite bench looking over Torrance, and as the sun was setting, they ate the snacks he picked out that represented different places they had been to together. The sky was a beautiful array of orange and pink, the humidity in the air allowing the clouds to saturate with color. Jesse said, "I wrote you a poem, can I read it for you?" The poem tied perfectly with the setting sun and rising moon, and as he finished the poem, he reached over to his jacket pocket, and pulled out a box. To Shannon he said, "Will you marry me?" And Shannon said "Yes, Of course!"


Creating together

Collaborating together has been at the forefront of both Shannon and Jesse's hearts. They have been brainstorming everything together since the very beginning and have a fountain project they are working on continually. Shannon and Jesse have many future projects to work on together starting with their wedding, and moving on to furniture, more art shows, and their van.


The Future

Still honing their talents and learning, Shannon and Jesse hope to attend university in 2021, Jesse in Anthropology, and Shannon for a masters in Art. But in the meantime, there will be travels to Korea to visit family, more art shows, more days surfing the ocean, and many dinners hosted in their future apartment. Bring a mug and they'll pour you a coffee. Bring a beer, and they'll give you a seat.

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